Hebraic Names in the Book of Mormon

In the Book of Mormon, Mulek was son of King Zedekiah, escaped the siege of Jerusalem (587 B.C.) and went with others to a place in the Western Hemisphere that they called the land of Mulek (Hel. 6:10). Later a region was named for Zarahemla, a descendant of Mulek (Mosiah 25:2).

The name Mulek is similiar to Melek, the Hebrew word for king.

Mulek’s formal name may have been MalkiYahu ben-ham Melek according to some Biblical scholars.

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The Bible has many examples of prophets with theological names. One example is Elijah which means Jehovah is God. Note that El is God in Hebrew and is including in the names Daniel, Samuel, Ezekiel and Joel.

The Book of Mormon also has theological name examples.

Lemuel means belonging to God in Hebrew. This was the name of a king briefly mentioned in Proverbs in the Old Testament. Lemuel is also the name of a son of Lehi and Sariah in the Book of Mormon.

The name Mosiah in the Book of Mormon is similar the to Hebrew Moshiach for Messiah.

Mosiah I was a Nephite prophet who led the Nephites from the land of Nephi to the land of Zarahemla and was later appointed king. He was the father of King Benjamin.

Mosiah II was Benjamin’s son and was king of the Nephite nation from about 124 BC to 91 BC.

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From KayDee Sibbs…

‘ah’ in Sarah is a hebrew word called hei or hey which represents breath/spirit or as some scholars say it also means swearing an oath.

‘ah’ in Sarah is not the same meaning as in Jeremiah, Isaiah or Azariah. these names end with ‘-iah’ which totally means something else in this case the name Yah or Jah another name of God. When Jah or Yah is incorporated in a person’s name especially at the end it is written as “-iah”.

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Names in the Book of Mormon ending in -iah


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– Tom Irvine

Hebrew Book of Mormon Translation


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